God has a plan for you – he surely does. His plans for you are good! 

The Names of God
Hello my friends, 

I recorded the following YouTube video yesterday…..he indeed has a plan for YOU – one that fits you to a T. Let me encourage you to dare to follow your dreams. He placed them in your hearts! 

I hope it encourages you to dare to step into the unknown and leave your comfort zone! 

Your friend always,


If I never met you, where would I be?


Hello my dear friends,

you won’t understand, why I am saying this, but: it’s good to be back. Why do I say that? I am back to writing my blog on blogger, rather than on WordPress. It’s funny that I even say that…..but it truly feels good to be back.

It’s been an interesting journey over the last years. God has been my healer, he has been the one I run to for every decision. 

Sometimes it takes me longer to understand, what he is trying to tell me…..but I cannot fathom, where I would be, if I never had met him. I am set free from so much. He has bestowed dignity and a confidence of who I am in him – simply incredible! Thank you, Jesus for loving me so much, and for reaching into the deepest parts of my heart, and to heal me from the inside out.

I am still learning to trust him, to be my sole provider. It goes so contrary to the common world view, that I stand here all alone…..walking by faith and not by sight. He has given me insight into his design for the world, that his ways truly are higher. I am having a hard time to trust, I admit that, for I have been taught all my life to believe differently.

Unfortunately, when we loose sight of who God really is, how much the Holy One truly loves us, we fall prey to the lies of the devil, that make us believe that we need money to cover our needs. 

He’s got that all wrong: we need Jesus – we need to fall in love with Jesus, we need to listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and obey his promptings without restrictions.

Over the last little while, the devil almost had me cave in, because I, too, in my limited understanding of God, Heaven and the true template of life on earth, could not see, what he is trying to teach me. But when I listen closely, and only to my Jesus, I know, I am safe. He is going to make a way, when I see none. For he has created the Heavens and the Earth, he is the light, the way and the truth. Nothing exists, that has not been created through, in and for him.

Yesterday, as my church dedicated the little baby of one family of our congregation and all their family gathered, I felt such a collective deep longing for the return of Jesus, the risen Christ, that I know, he is coming back for his bride very soon.

I cannot wait to see him face to face. The only true love of my life – the one that I have been waiting for for such a long time. I know it won’t be long now, until we’ll be reunited for good.

In love with him, united in an everlasting love. Thank you, Jesus, for loving me and all mankind so much.

Your friend forever


We all need Jesus to part our Red Seas….


Hello my friends,

he is all this and so much more. I am thrilled to say, that he is doing marvelous things in my life right now, he is filling me more and more with his presence – more of his spirit. More of him…..I am going to share a little talk with you, that I just recorded.


I love y’all very much, and I look forward to share more, what God has been teaching me over the years.

God bless you more and more during 2016 – I can feel it’s the year of jubilee. All Glory, Honor and Praise to God Almighty.

Forever your friend

The Name Quest – amazing book by my friend John Avery, Morgan James, New York


Hello my sweet sweet friends,

He is all of this. Thank you, Jesus – you have shown me all these names in a very tangible way. It was not the reading of these names in a, by the way marvellous book: ‘The name quest – by my dear friend John Avery…..which I believe he sent me almost 2 years ago, I have been reading it all this time, on and off……it was almost as if the Lord was not allowing me to continue reading, until I had a deeper understanding of the meaning of these names in my life personally….

This book has been instrumental in a big way, in explaining the names of the Lord in a much bigger and more tangible way – along with the life teaching I received from Jesus in these areas – when he showed me that he is all of those and more to me. Today I know, that he has healed me, he has provided for all my needs – they are all met in more of Jesus in my life. 

Thank you Jesus. He is my peace, he is my banner, he is my righteousness, he is my shepherd, he is always present in all my circumstances, because he is alive in my heart, and he still is so much more. He is Jehovah, he is the Holy One, he is the Messiah and he is a jealous God, because he does not want to share us with any idol, we may have put on a pedestal. 

He wants all of us, all our faith, all our mind, all our strength, all our soul and all our heart focused on him – our eyes fixed on him – ALWAYS.

I don’t know for you, but he is my one and only.

Reading this book brought me to tears, whenever my Jesus reached through those pages, to touch and heal my heart. I thank John Avery for his thorough research and tender heart toward God – through his words all this became more tangible for me. This book is an awesome read for everyone, who wants to understand the true nature of God. I firmly believe, that the Holy Spirit still inspires Saints to write for him – and when we are born of the Spirit, he can use us. I thank the Holy Spirit for breathing this book into existence.

My friends, I hope I could inspire you, to read this marvelous treasure, that I have been given the privilege to read. Thank you, John Avery for diligently following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Your book is simply amazing. May God continue to bless you abundantly in this new and brilliant year of Jubilee (2016). Amen

Thank you my friends for joining me in Paradise – it feels so good to be home and able to rest in his arms.

Forever your friend,