Appreciation is Key


Dear friends

The last couple of days, the Lord has shown me, that it is really important to appreciate the people around you, for who they are, for the gifts, they bring to the table, and not what or who you would like them to be, or the gifts, you would like them to have.

On Thursday, the Lord prompted me, to pray for my ex-husband….. – I never ended up doing it, cause as I drove to pick up the children from school, I had a severe pain in my chest…..with my left arm going numb and so I had to go to the hospital afterwards, and things got a little frazzled, and then shifted into very slow motion for me. He has left now, is actually flying back home right now.

But the Lord showed me, that maybe more than prayer right now, he needs to feel appreciated for who he is – I guess I never ever really did appreciate him for who he is.

He is a brain person, and he knows a lot about computers and how to do this and that and the other, of how to organize things on the computer – picture editing and so on and so forth. I always knew that…..but I didn’t I appreciated him for that…..actually he drove me crazy, when he wanted to teach me, how to do these things, when we were still together. I thought, why don’t you just do this and leave me alone with it, I don’t really need to know anyway and I am not really interested either. Today I realize, that this is his gift and I never received it. And so I apologized for never appreciating him for who he was and the gifts he brought into the equation.

I delieberately asked him, to help me with a few things, that I did not know, how to do – and listened with a different attitude to what he had to say. And I have to say: I do appreciate his gifts. He does know a lot, and he is very kindhearted. I am very sorry, that because I expected other things, I could not see the amazing person he really is. Thank you Jesus, for opening my eyes. Better late than never.

He is does not believe in God, but when he sees God’s love in motion, and how God is changing me in my attitude and behaviour towards him, it becomes more tangible. Then God can work in his heart.

Many of my needs were not met in our relationship, but neither did I meet all his needs. We did not speak the love language of each other, thus, we didn’t find the path to true happiness and a flourishing relationship. I pray that he and his new wife will be able to be better at that, than we were. They have my blessing.

I am learning, that in whatever it is, that we do, where we are in a relationship with other people (any relationship: husband-wife, parents-children, employer-employee, friend), and when we do not appreciate the gifts, the others bring to the table, we are bound to fail. The relationship turns bad until it’s non-existent, and we move on.

Make it your priority, to value the people in your life, if you want to keep them there…..otherwise, don’t complain, when they leave.

God has created us in his image, thus he created us relational, for he is a relational God. He wants to be in a relationship with us, he wants to relate to us – but we also have to be willing, to relate to him. With him, all things will fall into place. It sometimes takes a little longer, but that very often is due to us not wanting to listen.

I love it, when the Lord gets real with me, and shows me, where I am wrong and what I need to change – once I understand, it actually is easy, to understand the ones around me much better and to get along with them much more easily.

Sometimes the hurt is so deep in the other person, that it may take time to heal, but with each time they feel appreciated for who they are, you start to poke holes into the wall they have built around their hearts, for the Lord to reach in.

May this help you in finding true peace and joy in all of your relationships – God bless you my friends,


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