Thank you Jesus – I 💗 you so much! 

Hello my dear friends, 

Today I am writing to you – I know it has been a while. It has been quite the journey over the last while. But God has been faithful once more. Jesus has kept me afloat, and he has renewed my hope and my faith got strengthened. I can never put words to what he has done.

Let me start, by saying: I love him so much. My faith has been quadrupled through all that has been going on in my life. 

Again, he gave me a deeper understanding of what his plan for our life here on earth truly is. And how he is changing us from Glory to Glory all the time. How he is depositing more and more of Heaven into our being. 

By choosing to trust him, even in the most dire circumstances, when it seems, that the world is closing in and you are not sure, if you were just imagining all that has changed in your life because you placed your trust solely in him…. – as if the world did have the final say, and you had to cave in. He lifts you up, and all of the sudden, you are set free – AGAIN.

Thank you Jesus – wow, I am literally speechless! I will leave it at that for now. I don’t think I can really explain all that happened, at least not yet.

All I know, is that the life in the Spirit, where you can see Heaven, hear Heaven, feel Heaven, smell Heaven, touch Heaven, yes even taste Heaven, is worth all the heartache and pain. All of the sudden you understand, why things had to happen, the way they did.

And truly all is good with your soul.

I will have to sit with this for a while, and just sing praises to God, be in his presence and rejoice. It may be some time until I am writing again.

One last thing, before I close off for today: in the last few days, the Lord has given me a glimpse of how, what I believed to happen already last year (write fiction), will come about.

His presence is all I need, to move forward. Resting in his arms, is what keeps me going. Lately I have been spending some precious quality time with him. He is the love of my life and I will never let go. I can never let go. We have been through too much, for me to not hold tight to his hand, that will ultimately lead me back to Paradise for good.

Here is two songs, that really meant and mean a lot to me: ENJOY! 

Heaven Lindsey Sterling
Stand by me Rachel Platten

Looking forward to seeing you in Heaven 😊💗🙌.

God bless you always, your friend,


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