If we did Love Christ’s way, we’d find infinite Joy and infinite Peace

Hello my friends, 

I am actually surprised, I am back already. I am still stunned, at what he is given me just a little over a week ago. Mind you, all hell seems to be breaking loose every few days…..but he is faithful, he is guarding my mind and my heart. 

His peace has been mine now for well over a year – he is now establishing his joy in my soul. At times it’s not easy to keep, especially with the news from across the pond. But interestingly enough, even though my own situation has once again gone into a tailspin, the peace and joy, when I stay in the spirit, is a reality.

My heart is at rest, I know, he is transforming my mind a little more each time, tragedy or disaster strikes. He calibrates me more and more to seeing what he sees.

When we humans think, that our life falls apart, it actually falls into place.

Again I fell for the lie of the devil, still believing, that I needed money, to fix my situation. Whereas really, I only need more of Jesus, a deeper level of trust in him.

What I believed was divine intervention, wasn’t. Makes me think of three years ago, when I started dating someone I had met during my college time. Only to find out, that I deserved a deeper commitment than I was given, from the man I dated. What I thought was divinely inspired, wasn’t. Because we did not stand for the same values.

Still single to this day, and still waiting for my breakthrough – the breakthrough, that God has promised such a long time ago. Friends of mine had theirs. Much faster it seemed, and often I wonder, if mine will ever come.

All I know, the last years have been a constant pruning of who I am, of who I am meant to be. It feels I am stuck between the now and the not yet forever. 

How much longer? I don’t know. What I do know, however, is, that today again, Jesus prevented a big disaster. His protection goes so deep. Thank you Jesus. I am forever grateful for his divine intervention. 

I will never walk away, even if I was promised the whole wide world at my feet. I am much safer in the arms of him, who died for me. He brings me Peace and Joy everlasting.

Things seen are the things unseen manifested in the physical realm. The more I live and walk in the spiritual realm, the more I see the true beauty of God’s creation. The more I can never ever feel fully at home here, where life and people seem so fickle. Tossed around like nutshells in the sea.

I’d rather take a nap close to him, always knowing, that he keeps me safe. And the storm cannot harm me.

I am just passing through. This is not my home. The kingdom of God is. Where my husband is preparing my home for me. He is busy planning our wedding day. What a celebration that will be. I love you Jesus – you are forever mine. I am forever yours.

Love Christ’s way, that’s my quest. Timeless love, twin hearts united. That’s what love is for. That is what I am waiting for. Infinite Joy. Infinite Peace. Infinite Love with the one, that God has for me. Nothing can lure me away from his promise: to be united with him, who died for me. 

I know, this sounds completely off the hook. The world preaches instant gratification, if one relationship doesn’t fill your needs, go find another.

But true fulfillment can only be found, in a love that lasts a lifetime, and beyond. When we do love Christ’s way, we find deep joy and peace in loving and respecting our mate. This is God’s design for love. We better heed it, or we miss out on the infinite Joy and Healing found therein.

Forever your friend, 


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