Packing up and going home – revisited


Expecting his best – always

Hello my dear friends

Again and again, I am being changed from Glory to Glory, by his great compassion for me. His plans are always higher than mine, his ways and thoughts are always higher and better than mine. Why am I calling this post: Packing up and going home – revisited: Last year I posted a similar post… can find that post in my blog inhispresence4evermore – written March 21, 2015. Click on the link below, to read the post:

Are we to go home, and leave Canada for good? I am trusting him for the answers, for the plan.

Somehow I believe, we ought to stay here for a few more years, but it sure doesn’t look like that in the so called reality.

There is only two ways, that it could work:  I find a company, that meets the provincial sponsorship criteria, or the government reverses my status back to permanent resident, as it was before I was falsely advised to renounce my status.

Will our lives be here – or abroad. My daughter’s fervent prayer is to stay here. This is her home. It’s here she has her friends.

My son is a little less attached to staying here. This doesn’t surprise me. He had to suffer through so much here in Canada. But again, God can redeem all that. Will he do it for us.

Is Satan arguing our case with God Almighty even now: ‘You may think, this woman and her children are yours, but what if I shook up their whole existence? Would they still praise and worship you?’ – well: yes, the answer is yes! We would! I always will. I can’t let go.

I trust him with all my heart, and lean not on my own understanding. It is no coincidence that this is my tattoo just above my left ankle. This has proven my life verse for many years now.

I go, where he has me go, and I know, whatever the devil intends for evil. God will turn it around for my/our best. He has in the past and he will in the future.

Looking back, all of life’s curveballs have brought me closer to the heart of my beloved, and the peace that floods my heart, even in the midst of financial break down, of challenges on numerous levels, is paramount.

So, looking back: I have to say, that I have to thank Satan for all that he has thrown our way. I would not be in my relationship with the Lord, where I am, if he had not tried to stop us in our tracks. Just, like Jesus had to be betrayed by Judas, to go to the cross to bring salvation to mankind, to fulfill the Father’s plan for redemption. Ultimately we have to thank Judas for his work.

Satan, as it seems right now, has proven to be a catalyst in my faith walk. Maybe we have it all wrong – maybe he is actually helping us, to return back home, and return to our personal Eden.

I trust, that the Lord will restore unto us, all that seems lost right now. He will show us the way – and in surrendering to his plan, we will lose all our self centered egotistic desires, and will find our true identity in Christ. Just like God had intended it from the start.
Let’s go, my friends, embrace the curveballs of life and end up in Heaven.

See you there 💞


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