Finances 303

Receive your blessings
Your help comes from the Lord – Always 🌟 Amen

Hello my sweet friends, 

here is what I learned just these last few days: the enemy has us trapped in this lie: that money rules the world, and time is money. Well, the good new is: it is not! God is, thus, Love is.We have been believing this for so long. It is going to take some serious unraveling of old/false belief systems.

Over the last months, I was stuck in my own rut – thinking that nothing was going to redeem the financial burden, that my parents are facing now. And of course not to mention my own. 

Interestingly I was willing to trust the Lord with the healing of my parents, against the existing doctor’s diagnosis. The reason being: a) I had experienced healing myself with my own asthma and allergies. b) when Jesus walked the earth, he and his disciples healed ailing people. And I have heard healing testimonies myself.

However, I had a rough time, believing, that all things are possible for God. He saved Daniel in the Lion’s den, he parted the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites, he broke down the wall of Jericho. He created the Universe with all it’s galaxies – he can break the power of hell (money). 

By the way: money in and of itself is not evil. But the way we feel about it is, puts us in bondage. We think, we need it to make ends meet. The truth is: we don’t! Jesus is enough. He forever will be. Our needs are forever met in the glorious riches of Christ. When we start merely existing, to pay our bills, we are missing the life, Jesus came to bring. God actually wants us to pursue our dreams, to make a difference, by doing what we love doing, using the gifts and talents, he has given us. 

He can turn everything around in an instant. Just like he did, when Moses was faced with the Red Sea in front of him and the Egyptians coming after him, to enslave the Israelites all over again. I have been there myself for a long time now, so many months of bondage. But guess what: if we trust him, he will do it for either one of us.

All things are possible for God. All we need to do is: Be still and know, that He is God.

It takes a lot of undoing of what we believed for so long. The good news is: 

We will get there, if we never loose sight of what Jesus can do in, through and for us.

Trust him, my friends, and he will walk with us into the promised land. And we will never have to leave again. Amen – thank you Jesus. Praising him.


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