This is it

Go all the way – into Paradise

Yes, my friends, go all the way!

Paradise is such an amazing place, and so worth it! Hanging out with Jesus……where else could I rather want to be? I truly don’t know.

The last few weeks: phewww, what a journey. But all I can say: I am finally back, where I belong.

Did you know, that where you belong is not a location, nor a destination. It’s to have arrived, smack in the middle of your own heart. The place where God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit abide, where the threesome is one with who you are. Your full potential at your fingertips! Thank you, Jesus for taking me back, to where I belong, in your arms forever! #thankful!
I love you – I always will, and this is my dwelling place.

All the struggles, all the pain, everything all of the sudden so worth it.

Everything brought me closer to your heart of hearts, where I would see clearly: you are all I ever needed, all I ever wanted, and my arms are opened wide.

It’s like a song, actually all of my favourite songs blended into one, all my birds highlighting different moments in time. My father, my mother, my son, my daughter, my siblings, my friends, all part of me, all blended into one.

I can see them now, for who they are, they all are a vital part of who I am, who I have become. Everything I rejected or judged in them, I rejected or judged in me. Now, that all these aspects are integrated inside of me, and I can cherish and appreciate all of them, or all of me, strife and jealousy no longer are needed.

I can soar! Like the Eagles soar, high up in the air. I knew it was possible. Here I am.

Thus, this is good bye – this time for good! Or better, until I see you in Heaven. Or better at my new blog ‘Harvest Time’ (In the name of the Father). On the other side of all of us, is Christ. Heaven. Paradise.

On the other side of all our separation struggles is Oneness with God, the father, God, the son and God, the Holy Ghost. The holy trinity of God is waiting for each and everyone of us.

Our inheritance and our destiny is Heaven – Heaven here on earth. Or once we have died to the physical world. It’s a choice, and the choice is ours. Free Will, the greatest gift of all.

Decide, to return into the loving arms of Christ, he is waiting there for you. He knocks at your heart’s door. Will you let him in?

I did, and my wildest dreams are coming true.

In his love forever – be strong and courageous. He will never ever disappoint you.


– finally home🌟 – no more tears -😍 (except happy or healing ones) β˜€οΈ

P.S. The Featured picture is by Julia Watkins, Energy Artist. Her work is simply amazing. Awesome work, JuliaπŸ’ž

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